Transforming a City

Transformational Leadership Forum seeks change in our urban communities


The city is a center for constant movement, speed, and change. In the cities people succeed, and people fail. The city is a place where both great wealth and poverty can share a street corner. In the cities people have great potential for individuality or the opportunity to simply blend in.

Throughout the Gospels we see Jesus doing ministry in the cities. He reached the multitudes. Jesus started with a group of twelve and taught them to faithfully follow Him. Through His teachings and examples, he gave them the necessary tools to transform themselves – and ultimately – change the world.

In today’s urban cities there is a catalytic change happening, as the needs for transformation continue to grow. We have seen urban cultures be renewed through exterior gentrification, but still lack the spiritual and structural change that is necessary. Cities are growing in size and per capita, but continue to resist the shifts our communities need towards positive solutions.

At Transformational Leadership Forum, we focus on the urban communities. We desperately need leaders to bring about transformational change in the city. We need leaders who – like Jesus Christ – can reach and transform the multitudes. Our vision is to reach the multitude of youth in our urban communities. There are so many adolescents in the urban communities who feel forgotten, overlooked, or abandoned. These adolescents have tremendous gifts, talents, and potential.

The implementation of the Youth With A Future program will aim to reach these urban adolescents and inspire them to become transformational leaders. Our program will offer leadership training and development through the use of our 8 Core Values by using a wide variety of advanced and engaging technologies. Adolescents are already plugged in to a technologically advanced culture. This culture is comfortable and familiar to them. Therefore, it is a great way to effectively engage and develop them through our mobile APP, iBook, webinars, social media pages, workshops, etc.

It doesn’t stop with technology! At Transformational Leadership Forum: Youth With A Future, we know that personal, human contact is equally as important as the iCulture. It is through deep and meaningful mentorship that we know transformational change will take place among the urban youth. It is the same model for change we find in the life of Jesus. We know that the adolescents in the urban communities in cities around the world have the potential to be leaders that are admired, respected, and effective in their communities.

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We believe the time is NOW to transform!

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