The Shackling of Grace by Lee LeFebre

The Shackling of Grace: How The Church Has Marginalized The Grace of God

Lee LeFebre has spent 40 years lecturing, teaching, and counseling Christians in both the US and foreign countries. He taught how to find and experience the freedom that God intended for the believer. Lee found that the shackling of grace is a universal phenomenon which needed to be confronted. Is another reformation needed because the grace of God has been marginalized? Have Christians been blind-sided and fed lies?

Join Lee in discovering God’s alternative to today’s distorted gospel!

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Frank Friedman, Pastor of Grace Life Fellowship – Baton Rouge LA, says “Jesus promised truth that would set men free. Sadly, far too many experience only a “tolerable freedom” through a failure to understand the glorious economy of grace available to the believer. In this book, Lee LeFebre heralds the finished work of Christ and how a believer can participate in that work by faith and experience the grace that is his or his birthright. The reading of this book is a worthy pursuit.”


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