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On the afternoons of Tuesdays and Thursdays, my heart is full and my spirit rejoices. I begin my commute home and thank God for what He is doing. I am overwhelmed with the idea that God desires me – a sinner, saved by His grace – to minister to others. Yesterday, was particularly meaningful…

I started with Transformational Leadership Forum as an intern in May of 2013. Last month I was hired into a full-time position with the ministry because of my commitment to youth leadership. This has been, simultaneously, the most exciting and the most humbling journey. I’m so eager to see how God continues to guide the leadership of Transformational Leadership Forum as we seek to reach the urban youth of Denver, CO.

My new position with Transformational Leadership Forum will allow us to continue enhancing things like our youth leadership curriculum, iBook, mobile app, iPad training, and workshops. All of that is great and much needed as we move forward, and I’m more than happy to play a role in it (even when it seems out of my comfort zone). However, there is one aspect of my job that I particularly adore… volunteering at a local middle school.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays I have the privilege of spending some time with middle school students in urban Denver. The school I’m in is extremely diverse. We’ll be doing out iPad and 8 Core Value training with these students. Right now I’m taking a very intentional step in building relationships with these students. They are wonderful kids – full of spirit and energy. They also come from a variety of different home situations. With every interaction, with every name I learn, with every student I help – I am moved by the Holy Spirit telling me “remember, Niki Jo, you are representing Me… and I’m going to do something wonderful in the lives of these young people!”

Yesterday, was particularly meaningful because of one young girl I’ve been working with. This girl has been shy and reserved. Although I had felt that I had started making some progress with her, I really wasn’t sure. Yesterday, however, she approached me after class. In that moment, she temporarily put her shyness on hold long enough to give me a huge hug and whisper, “I’m glad you come.” With sweet, tender moments like that, my calling to young people is affirmed again and again. It’s not difficult for me to understand why Jesus cared for the young people so much!

Our Youth With A Future program seeks to increase urban youth capacity for achieving their potential for success in leadership. This is no small feet. This is our God-given vision for young people. Because the world speaks to them with so many voices of negative influence, we are called to be an influence of transformation and hope. Timothy Keller said, “All change comes from deepening your understanding of the salvation of Christ and living out the changes that understanding creates in your heart.”
I have been changed by the salvation of Christ. And as a Christ-follower, I’m in a daily process of transformation. It is my God-given joy to bring the same power and hope of transformation to the young people.

And it is my prayer that you, brothers and sisters, might be moved to support me in this new role. To find out more visit the Support Niki Moore page on our website. You can also make a DONATION! Our goal is to have 450 people commit to making a one time donation of $120, or give $10 a month for a year! We have faith that this is goal can be reached.

Thank you for your interest in Transformational Leadership Forum. Your support and prayer mean so much. Pray today that God would continue to give us the grace, wisdom, and resources to carry out His calling for Transformational Leadership Forum!


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